Our Core Values:

Our mission and vision is accomplished by keeping these values:

1. Seeking God at all times- There has never been a man who has sought God and not found him. The void can be filled with other things but only God can satisfy mans inner need. We believe this is accomplished through times of prayer individually and corporately.

2. Worship as a lifestyle- Worship is more than a song it is a way of life. We believe mankind was created to commune with God. We seek to worship him alone, with reverence and humility, and yet with child-like faith. This is an everyday way of life!

3. God’s word as authority- The word of God is our final authority and our lives are molded and shaped around it. It calls us to a faith-filled, obedient, and godly lifestyle.

4. Equipping the saints through the five-fold ministry- The saints are matured through the gifts Christ gave to the church. Ephesians 4:11 calls those in ministry into accountability to adjust, repair, and equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

5. Unity of the church body & Loving one another- Christ’s multi-faceted body is to be earnestly sought and unselfishly served, so that this value for which Jesus prayed may find its answer in our attitudes and our love for one another which the world will see.

6. Spirit-filled witness and service- The ministry of the church is to be conveyed through believers at every age level, social status and marital state. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit, the word of God and their love for Christ and the lost.

7. Spirit of giving and stewardship- To live is to give- in tithes, offerings, and all of life’s resources. We steward what we have been given. Tithes, gifts, and finances are from God’s hand, and yet are our own to obediently distribute.