By my Spirit

Have you ever wondered why revivals come and go ? Why churches rise and fall along with the men who start them ?  How is it the enemy gets in and causes things to fall apart, or is it the enemy ? Maybe we give the enemy too much credit. You know he loves our worship even if it is negative, if our focus is on him that it is not on God who deserves it. So what is the problem ? As we read in Zech 4:6 maybe we can see part of the problem with today’s church. Zerubbabel was given a mission by God to rebuild the temple a task far beyond any mans own ability. So God speaks through the prophets and gives Zerubbabel the secret to building. Here it is ” not by might ” ” not by power” BUT BY MY SPIRIT. Let me explain might and power, they refer to Human resources and human ability, God was saying to him you can’t do anything for Me by your own means. It has always been BY MY SPIRIT or through Divine Nature not human nature.Today men still make this mistake, oh they say look what God is doing when in fact it is not God or His |Spirit but human nature. They are living in a delusion. Your gifts ,your talents, your calling, your resources, your education, or anything else related to human nature can build what God requires . Flesh cannot build a place for Spirit to dwell. The harder we try the further we get from the task. What we must do is refused to engage with flesh or human nature and plug into the Spirit, get our strength and resources ( life) from God. The word says let no flesh glory in His presence yet men continue to want applause and worship for what they do or have people acknowledge their works. This is always the beginning of a downfall. Many are about to get the shock of their lives and it is His mercy that is about to expose them. He would rather do it now so they can repent than to lose then for eternity. What a great God we serve, oh how He loves us. He is dealing with human nature for His desire is that His very own Divine Nature come to full manifestation in His people. Before His return there will  be a people of His own making, the hand of man will not be allowed to shape them or touch them, they are His workmanship alone. Over the last year I have experienced the revealing of my human nature and I can tell you it has amazed me at how many times I did things by might and by power. I have had to lay down much and give up many things but I am so grateful for this lesson. It is my heart to pursue the way of the Lord no matter what it may cost me. He has loved me in my failings and His love has drawn ever closer. If you take the time to read this I ask that you would fall upon the Rock and allow Christ to bring you into a greater glory a glory for Him.


Pastor Reg