Wow it is good to be back

It has been a long time but we are back. Someone who dislikes me or us hacked our website and rerouted our web page to CIALIS . You can imagine the comments that were coming in. Well anyway we have it fixed but need to upgrade some stuff. I wanted to just touch base with some of you who we have lost contact with and let you know we have missed you. We have had many changes in our church and ministry, they have all been very good. I wont take time to go into them all right now but i’m sure you will begin to see some of them as you check back here.

We have entered into a new year and a new decade and are very excited with the direction the Lord is taking us. We have come to a place of great expectancy to see the purpose for which we were created. A place where God can dwell in the people He has created a tabernacle for Him.

I am so looking forward to sharing more with you as we walk it out and come to manifestation of His promises in us.

We are in the midst of changing out the old for the new, even in the equipment such as sound/video. God is adding to the church some real amazing people who have the same heart and mind as we have. Quality people and ministers whose agenda is in line with heavens plans. What a refreshing thing to not have to battle people but to rather work together for heaven.

We ask that you would keep us in prayer as we will also be praying for you.


God Bless You All

Pastor Reg Smith