2019 a Year of discovery

Well it is hard to believe but a New Year is here 2019. For the past 26 years as Pastor of CFF the Lord has always given us a word to build on when the new year arrives. And He has never failed us in any way with the word He gives. I have watched people come and go over the years , but one thing is certain God has never left and always remains faithful.

So lets talk about 2019, the word discover means to explore the unknown or to learn,find and observe for the first time . You know that man has been discovering things for years but recently man has been discovering things in all three realms for the first time. By realms I mean , the earth, the sea,and the sky. recent discoveries have reached the farthest and deepest places. 1 cor 2 tells us of the deep places in God, and the only way to find them is by His Spirit.

Jesus told His disciples in Luke 5 to launch out into the deep. they said we have been fishing all night , but AT YOUR WORD we will do it. when they did they saw that the great deep come to life. Let me say also that when they saw this they came back and left everything and followed Jesus. I want to say that in order to go to the deep places this year you may have to forsake things you previously wanted to hang on to. Relationships, teachings, traditions, opinions and the list goes on. If you want the deep things of God don’t believe for a second it is not going to cost you cause it will. All three places get darker the further you go, and like in the ocean the pressure gets stronger, the universe the ability to control your motion becomes less, the earth the air gets thinner and its harder to breath. You and I can go deeper but we will not be able to rely on our own ability we will need to stay close to God. He is our only protection at this depth.

My prayer this year is that deep calls to deep, and we as a church body discover together the great mysteries of the deep that await us. Remember ” no eye has seen, no ear has heard, neither entered into the heart of man the Things that God has prepared for those who Love HIM.