Long time no hear

Wow haven’t posted on here in a while. wonder why? yep been busy. The Fathers business must come before our business. We have had to deal with a few shake ups, Yep I said it. We have been putting out fires, not good one. The kind that are started by people. People who say they are with you, and all of the sudden boom they turn like the serpent they follow. People need to really stop the foolishness, I mean the things like ” the Lord is leading us” or how about this one ” we feel we are not getting fed here” or ” your not meeting our needs” I could go on and on I have heard them all. First of all quit involving the Lord in your rebellion , second when dinner is served come and eat, third when did man become your source ? You may think I sound pretty negative but I’m just stating what people say and giving a response. Honestly I don’t have time for games, people are going to hell every day and you want me to chase you down and beg your to stay, or stroke your flesh to make you feel good. Not gonna happen. I know what God has asked me to do , I have a clear Vision and I’m going to stay on course no matter who wants to try change it. Now that you know what has been happening let me move on. We are headed to great things, things words cannot express. we have already begun to see it . People getting saved, healed, delivered and guess what the fruit will remain cause there are no hinderances to stop it. The people who are here are here for the right reason, to Help disciple the new souls. They now have a safe place to grow and be loved. I am telling you the barns are about to overflow. Hell is losing its grip on people . Press in and get rooted cause God is going to use you to help bring in the harvest and also to encourage to help grow people up. Remember this is all about Jesus and for Jesus nothing else matters. Keep your hearts fixed on Him and don’t allow your accomplishments get you off track. He is the Lord of the Harvest. You are a labourer , a vessel , a servant, an instrument for His glory. Ready or not – it is here



Pastor Reg