Early Christmas

You know the birth of our Lord was surrounded with giving gifts, gold ,frankincense , myrrh. Each gift representing His earthly ministry King, Priest ,Prophet. And of course the greatest gift was Jesus Himself given to all mankind. I was sitting in my office the other day preparing for Sunday service and the Lord spoke to me and told me, tell the people Christmas is early at CFF this year. Then He told me to tell them He was restoring 3 gifts to us found in Acts 2;17 Prophesy, visions and dreams. He said the enemy has robbed us of these beautiful gifts, which by the way surrounded the birth of Jesus also. God said He wants us to dream again, His dream. We don’t have to create our own dreams ,God has already dreamed what He wants for our lives and we just have to see His dream. Two weeks ago we cast out the spirit of night mares (terror) one of the seven nations ( Hittites) that if not destroyed would hinder our full inheritance . One of the reasons God had us deal with it was to restore dreams so we could enjoy what is ours in the land of promise. You know before its all over God will have a people who walk in their full inheritance this side of heaven. I want to be one of those who as the bible says ” shall not want(lack) ” how about you ? Lets press in and lay hold of all the redemptive work accomplished by Jesus, the death, burial, resurrection and ascension . He did it so lets live it.


Have a very Merry Christmas and exciting New Year

Pastor Reg