entering the land

Well are we ready ? the land of inheritance awaits us. Like Israel of old there came a day when just like God had told them they would enter the land of promise. It seemed like it took forever but it did come. Upon entering the land they thought ,finally we can enjoy what was ours by promise. Everything seemed to be set, the doubters were gone, the complainers were gone, the Nation has come to its beginning. A new leader, the old was gone the new was here. But there was a problem, hiding in the midst of the Nation was a tiny little seed in the heart of an individual, maybe he never even realized it was there. Remember Lucifer ,created in perfect beauty but one day , a little seed that was hidden in him sprouted , the word say pride was found in him. Well the same thing was hiding in the heart of a man of Israel. His name was Achan . This man like Lucifer thought he new better then God, and advised himself that what he was doing was good. Its just a garment, a little silver and a little gold. Surly God would understand. It reminds me today of people who think they can touch what is God’s , you know the ones who try to sway the sheep, or punish God by withholding what belongs to God. Just like Israel of old , when we try, God exposes them and they pay the consequences . It may not be like what happened to Achan and his family, but it shows up nevertheless. Maybe in the form of family turning from God, or relationships breaking down, funds drying up, troubles of different kinds. Oh don’t get me wrong I am not saying God is causing it, but I am saying your pride and your rebellion and dishonesty has a factor in it. You cant carry on thinking it will be ok, it wont until you repent and stop touching what is Gods. We think just like Achan we are doing good when in fact we are in sin. Just like then God is revealing the hearts of the all His people because He refuses to have half hearted followers, its all or nothing. Keep the faith we are going in.


Pastor Reg