moving from the shadows

So many today still want to live in the shadows of the old testament, but there must come a time in the life of every believer to come out of the shadows and start living in the realities. Knowing about Jesus is not enough, we must begin to know HIM. Not by the knowing of another mans revelation of Him, but by a personal experience that each individual has of Him. For to long we have lived by what others have told us, but now we must move to knowing for ourselves. Shadows are simply only an imperfect or faint representation of what is real, they are a small portion of the whole, they are things that do not have the full light of the real. For the time has come that the Bride must begin to be intimate with the Groom. Intimacy must come from a face to face relationship, with out encounter there is no intimacy. Many still want to live for Him without knowing Him. But the fact is knowing Him is living for Him. There is at this moment a transition taking place in the church, things will be outside the box of religion , by that I don’t mean weird and wacky but pure and holy. Church may not fit into our box anymore, because in Him there is no limits, you can’t have the God of your own making, for He wants to now make you in the Image of the Son. Jesus was among His own and they never knew Him because they had a different idea of Him, just like todays church. The real Jesus is about to be revealed to His Bride, so His Bride can truly reveal Him. My prayer is that we are ready and willing to let go of everything that has caused us to see Him only in a shadow and begin to see in the full light of who He is



Pastor Reg