new life

It is interesting that before a baby is born there is always pain associated with it. This is similar to things being born of the spirit. As a church there are times we go through pain. And just like natural birth when it is all over growth and new birth come forth.  Although natural birth is because of a baby coming forth from the womb, spiritual birth is usually a lesson the forms the character of the church. Most pain in church is associated with people who take on offences, take on hurt, assume things that are not true, listen to lies , spread lies, believe lies, I mean just all out bitterness that consumes them to the point they react. But if the church stays in the right spirit when this happens there will be a birth, new birth, new life, that which held up the new life is gone and behold a baby is born. I have watched over 30 years not only our church but countless others go through the same thing. Some times things hinder growth and God in His wisdom removes what hinders. Does it hurt ? yes it hurts but the wound does heal for those who stay in the right attitude, for those who don’t they carry the hurt and offence wherever they go, until the next time .Yet God in His lovingkindness wants to heal them, but cannot heal the wounds ( by others or self made) because the wound is never cleaned out properly. It just festers and begins to consume more and more areas of their life . While the church moves on, they do not, they may move to a different place but the thing always shows up again. My prayer is that as a church we remain in a good heart attitude, release the pain and begin to enjoy the new life , let go of what was and hold on to the new. We always pray for the best in people and desire that all will be healed but that is not in our power, it is in theirs. forgiveness is a choice, and I pray we choose right. I am so looking forward to what God has planned for us, unto us a child is born , what was withheld can no longer be withheld. Once labour begins there is no stopping the birth.


Pastor Reg