Speed of sound

I have begun to realize how relevant hearing is Isaiah 64:4 say hearing and listening has been a problem from the very beginning. And if you go back to the beginning and mans fall sure enough you will find out the thing the enemy works on first , you guessed it hearing ( hath God said) or are you sure you heard right? Sound travels at a speed , but that speed varies depending on two factors. One being temperature and the other density ( firmness). Is it possible that these two things also effect our spiritual hearing ? Let’s look at temperature Jesus told the church of Laodiceans if they were Luke warm He would spit them out, why maybe cause they were not listening, second firmness has to do with being solid , solid in what in the word. Many today are quick to speak before knowing the word of God, they think they heard God , when in fact they speak contrary to the word. So let’s get hot or on fire for God , and let’s study His word asking Holy Spirit to be our teacher then we will hear from heaven and be able to do great things all for the glory of God


Pastor Reg