A new beginning

2017 is just around the corner and I am sure everyone wants to know whats in store. Some will look to news reports, Almanacs, horoscopes, mediums, prophets or other sources of information, but I have found One person to ever be 100% right without a hiccup. That’s right 100% , Who?GOD and His word. Every other source has had hit and miss, but not God. Some may wonder why ? well it has to do with His nature,He is eternal, so He has already been where we are going. Yep He has been in the future, because He is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega. Before 2017 ever comes He has been there. That is why I refuse to get my info for this coming year from any other source, they haven’t been there, they try to make things happen, while God knows what will happen. If anything this year we need to ask God ,seek God,hear God,Obey God,trust God with everything. We are headed into some rough waters, but remember God never changes, He know how to part the waters if need be or calm the storm, or just walk on the water if that is the way through. You will hear some predict bad ,some predict good, but I predict God remains faithful and knows how to keep His family safe. Get ready for a change it will be good, the sons of God our about to rise and shine


Pastor Reg