wow November already

Is it just me or did this year zoom along? Well however it is here we are. Lots has been accomplished in 2016, it really has been a good year. There are still some things on the horizon for November and December. Busy months for sure. And then before you know it we will be moving into 2017. To me 2017 is going to be one of the most exciting year for us as a church, We have sowed, and the time to reap is upon us. Yes the return of the wayward, the coming of the new, those who have never know the Lord. And of course the calling forth of the body into the ministries the Lord has equipped them for. It looks to be a year to look forward to. We are going to start up Sunday evening services again, to encourage those who feel called to preach,teach, or just learn to share in front of others. I myself am looking forward to helping others come into their callings. We have been called to be a training center and that’s what we will be by the grace of God. I want to encourage you all in CFF , its time , time to arise and shine, the harvest is great, and He is looking for labourers, are you going to be a part of the next part of the journey . Pray and wait on God


Pastor Reg