New Day

It was the other morning when I was off to do a funeral service that this thought flooded my heart. Lam 3: 21-26 tells us that Gods mercy and faithfulness is new every morning. I was headed east and one of the most beautiful sun rises I have ever seen captured my attention. The Lord said to me son every morning as sure as the sun rises or a new day begins my faithfulness and mercy are yours to enjoy. Then He said to me today is not just another day, tomorrow is not just another day, but each day is a new day in Christ. We must learn to live each day as a new day, every day comes with a fresh hope, a hope in the Lord, in His promises, in His mercy. When you live with this hope there are no bad days, no cloudy days, no days that are just another day. God wants us to see Him in every new day and when God is in your day it is going to be a great one.