Well we are a week into the New Year and what a great year it is going to be for those who love the Lord. As the Lord has promised He will do it.

We look forward to souls being saved and coming into the kingdom. We have a great mandate before us as written in Matthew 28:19-20. Go into all nations and teach. God has opened up doors in the past and He is opening doors now, will we go?

Also there are many exciting things coming to CFF, looking ahead we have meeting scheduled with Bruce Allen in April, Terry Bennett in May, Stephen Hawkins will be back in the fall and many other to announce at a later date.

The Ladies and men’s ministries are moving right along, as well as the worship team adding new members. And then there is the youth,wow what can I say, you guys amaze me. Your hunger for God is awesome.

Sunday school is always looking for help, so many kids so few teachers. I encourage you to step up and step in.

May the Lord bless you and keep you

Pastors Reg & Rhonda