No more delay

We have heard from heaven and what we heard should not surprise us. The time of delay has ended and The Lord will have a people, a bride, a remnant. He has waited for years to bring things to this hour, but He will wait no longer. Get it , or get out. Hard words for sure but there is no time to linger any longer in the world. It was brought to my attention that 30 years to the day was the first time I ever heard the Lord speak to me concerning the Bride.It was in a little church in Edmonton, Rhonda and I were newly married and our first service as a married couple was in this church. The LORD spoke very powerfully and for 30 years has been working things in us by His word and His Spirit. I can no longer wait, I must proceed with His plan for my life and all those who He has given us to Pastor. Come on lets do this , lets move on , lets hear and do all He is asking of us, lets fall deeper in love with Him , lets pursue Him and and keep our eyes focused on the prize (CHRIST) change has come so we are never going back to what used to be. There is nothing in the past for us we belong to the future.