Highlight of VBS 2016

This summer our CFF youth (with some help) took on the ominous task of running a vacation bible school. They did an awesome job and were able to impact children from our church and the community. They had fun and shared the love of Jesus. 

The end is near

I know ,I know ,your thinking i have heard that for years.But i am not talking about the end of the world, just the end of the season we have been in. Thats right we have almost covered the whole City in prayer ,every community. We should wrap up right around harvest time. We will celebrate with a victory dinner, and then we will begin to see the results of our labor, remember obedience is the key to any victory. I believe the Lord has heard us and He alone will get the glory and bring in a great harvest of people.
Thank You to all of you who joined us in prayer

Pastor Reg