2016 mission

Once again the Lord has asked us to complete a mission, He has instructed us to make seven prayer groups and send them out to the seven sections of the City. Our city has been divided into seven sectors , and each one has many different communities. We are to pray in and for every community in Edmonton. This is where the church can be effective, not in meeting we call revival meetings, or church services alone, but we must win the City little by little. We must start to be active in our City, by being active again it is not in our little community events like car shows and pancake breakfasts or other things we the church has tried and failed in. But we must win the City through  pray, not just gathering in one place to pray, but to have a plan from heaven that will have heavens results. For to long the church has tried in the flesh to birth what only can be birthed by the Spirit. We can no longer follow the ways of the flesh, God is speaking and we must Obey. We can only do what He asks us to do, no more ,no less. We believe it is time to stop building our churches and little kingdoms and let a people be built for Him. We pray every church in our City will awaken and have once again the heart of heaven, we pray they will again want what God wants. We pray every church will be visited by God and filled with worshippers. Edmonton get ready.

Mission October

Well who would have thought God would ask us to do anything like He did. He must have worked in us enough obedience into us to trust us with such an amazing assignment. Let me just say wow, CFF family you have blown me away with your zeal. I must say even in my wildest dreams i could not imagined how you would respond. But respond you did, 70 seamed to be the number we had to each of the four opening of the gates, Reminds me of Luke 10. The Lord must be getting the City ready for the visitation He has promised, and yes we did our part now He will do His. Thank you , Thank you Thank you. The glory will come , the glory will fall, and it will invade you life and your families. Be ready, be willing, be expecting.

The time has come

Well we have heard the voice of the Lord, and now it is time to obey. We are kicking off our corporate prayer this Sunday June 7th, looking forward to engaging the saints in this school of prayer. We have an assignment and we will fulfill it. Know matter what level of prayer you  have entered you can be a big part of this prayer time and have a great impact on our city. See you Sunday night .


Pastor Reg

Thanks Terry

Just wanted to thank Terry, and Josiah Bennett. What a blessing you are to CFF. We have heard from heaven and we will obey. I want to thank all the people who attended the meetings, you engaged and for that I am thankful. Now most importantly I want to thank Jesus for loving us enough to speak to us concerning heavens heart. We love You Father ,Son, Holy Spirit.

Terry Bennett Meetings

Just to let everyone know we are not live streaming, but we are recording so CDs will be available to purchase . We have had so many of you respond to wanting to come we will try our best to make room. For those who have traveled from outside of the Province we will give priority as well as to our home church people. We would appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

We are truly expecting a great stirring from the Lord. We know in our hearts God has some plans He wants to unveil. This will be an intense weekend therefore we ask that you do your best to be early, be engaged, enter into what God has ordered,

Please if you can no children, we need all the seats, there will be limited child care.

Thanks Pastor Reg

Please see Events page for more information.

into the unknown

What can I say, I have been telling you for a very long time that God was moving us from the normal to the above and beyond. Well now we have to act on it. Don’t say you can’t when you have been given such a beautiful birth right. We can no longer keep our excuses and our feeble faith, we must now walk in the spirit , move in the spirit , and live in the spirit. The world needs to see Christ manifested through a passionate Bride. Go ahead take a step out of your comfort zone and do the greater things Jesus said we would do, just keep giving Him the glory.


Wow, do you realize that this Passover and easter are on the same dates this year? That hasen’t happened in a long time and won’t happen for a long time after. There is something very special about it . The coming forth of a new man is about to unfold. Jew and Gentile like never before. There is more to this then most would believe , but you have what you believe for…… so I am believing for something that has been created for this very hour in which we live. It is time to see what we have never seen, hear what we have never heard and believe for what our heart has never asked for.


Blessings Pastor Reg